Seasonal food for April

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Well, it is snowing outside!

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Badger, badger, badger, badger….Mushroom! Mushroom!

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Poster for Londons hottest new show.

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Happy Mothers Day Ma!

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Congrat’s on the new house Jo!

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Project Blaster!

Project Blaster is now live! It’s a site to help school aged kids learn how to gather and use facts from the National Library of Scotland. Worked with the excellent web designer Mark Haddon to create the character of Astrogirl, and her sidekick Mr Crab. Check out the whole site, and animations *here*.

Poster for schools

Using internet to find facts

Headers for website

At the library

Recording info

Part of the brief was also to take dry infographics and turn them into something a bit more exciting for kids- the above is the old one, and below is my version.

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