Well, it is snowing outside!

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Jamie Oliver At Home seed tins

These three tins each contain a sprinkle of seeds and some growing mix. Open them up, add water and in a week or two you’ll see the tiny green shoots of your baby plants. Make sure you follow the growing guidelines tucked away in the base of each tin and you’ll soon have your own crop of tomatoes, sweet corn and peas. On the side of the box you can read a brand new Kitchens Crusaders adventure, illustrated by Claire Murray, all about how they started their own veg patch and met their new friend Little Digby, the tiny trowel.

Available to buy HERE!

The original illustration of Robin Wood, Little Digby and Captain Correct admiring their home-grown bounty.

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Good morning muffins!

Good morning muffins pioneer woman claire murray

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Victoria Sponge Recipe

victoria sponge recipe for children by claire murray

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Q: What’s brown and sticky? A: a stick.

Brownie recipe Claire Murray

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The Joy of Hate!

The joy of Hate lettering claire murray

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Brilliant Map & Guide to Edinburgh- available soon on Etsy!

Edinburgh Map & Guide

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Lettering Illustration professional

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Letters are happening


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claire illustration lettering

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