Cardoo sticker cards.

So a card I illustrated a million years ago has it’s own video- welcome to the 2010’s people!

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Every Scottish person in every english shop.

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Seasonal food for April

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Poster for Londons hottest new show.

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Art and Science are brilliant.

Went to the British Museum, and was there for about 2 hours and managed to see tonnes of ace stuff but barely scratched the surface of what’s there. This is a drawing of a stone engraving of a protection spirit from Nimrud, 865-860BC. It boggles my puny mind thinking about how old it is.

Then we went to the Huntarian Museum, where among other gruesome, but incredibly interesting science stuff there was a hen that had a human tooth grafted onto it’s head.

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He’s lost control!

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Xmas wrapping 3

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Xmas wrapping 2

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Xmas wrapping

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Overheard in the pub 2

The best film review ever?

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