Poor Paul!

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John Adeleye

Firstly- what is with all the red hair? Has L’Oreal done some sort of deal with Cheryl to sell hair dye? At my last count Cheryl, Cher, Rebecca, TrayC, Storm and the clueless one from Belle Amie all have red hair, and (apart from Storm) it is all the same burgundy/red wine colour It wouldn’t surprise me if L’Oreal had a hand in this seeing as they sponsor the ‘behind the scenes’ beauty segments.

I can’t really be bothered with John so I am glad he left, he completely failed to show any personality or emotions apart from despondency and desperation. Saying that, TrayC isn’t grabbing me either, she made a big mistake having her hair over one eye during her Sat night performance. It’s hard to connect with a contestant if you can’t see their face properly- did no one learn from the whole Nicolo/Sunglasses fiasco?

Cher was ok this week, I am getting fed up with her ‘Mash ups’ and annoyed at the judges praising her creativity and risk taking, like she personally came up with the Mash ups. Which she didn’t. The same for Matt Cardle, newsflash- he didn’t come up with that arrangement of ‘Hit me baby…’ TRAVIS did. About a hundred years ago. Idiots.

I liked Katie’s choice of song and styling, Paije was good too but all the rest were dull. For guilty pleasures week I wanted proper cheesy stuff performed with a knowing gusto, but the song choices were a total snooze fest.

Next week I hope Belle Amie (The blonde looks like a total b*tch, and the red head is so clueless) or Aiden (zzzzzzz…) go, but I think it will probably be TrayC or Rebecca- they are both doing a bad job of connecting with the audience.

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Never argue with your doctor. He has inside information.

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Dusty & Trev’s Millionaires Shortbread. For Millionaires!

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Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho

I was happy with Louis choices: Mary will be great I think as she has such a lovely personality (I had a dream where I was homeless and she let me stay in her spare room); John has a charming smile and demeanour; Storm will just be kickass! (And has the best chin I have ever seen) but I am worried that his new styling with red hair is going to detract from his personality. I was not sad at all to see Wagner go…he really creeped me out.

Dannii and Simons categories- SNORE! Although I would have like to have seen Diva Fever go through, I think they would have been fun!

Cheryl surprised me- she had a really strong category and ended up choosing the 2 girls that completely crumbled under the pressure. Cher should have been told to go home, wait a couple of years until she is a bit more confident and stable, as she is only 16 and I dont think she will be very good in the live show. Katie and her ridiculous parasol should have been told to get lost- her affectations are SO stupid, and I actually think she put more effort into her outfit than her audition, and the place should have been given to TrayC instead.
Overall, something didn’t sit right for me that the 2 white girls messed up their auditions REALLY BADLY and still got through… Just sayin’!

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Nigella Lawson

Nigellas show is mental- she makes cheesecake in a dressing gown, and pretends to be drunk while she makes soup. It’s all a bit cringy, but I will be making her ‘Praise Chicken’ next week cos it looked yum!

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