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Quack quack quack.

Hey! Duckface! If you’re not bothered, then stop going on about it. Also, even though you did ‘invest 10 years’ of your life to Marks family, you hated them and they hated you. They don’t owe you anything.
Where’s straight talking Gemma when you need her? Someone needs to tell Lauren G to shut up about Mark, and wear the dress size she is, not the dress size she wants to be.
Where is Maria Fowler these days?!

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This weeks Xfactor was full of drama! The judges seem to really lay in to each other, Tulisa in particular was stirring and causing a right rumpus. I really wish she would just let the whole ‘is it rock?’ argument go, and she really shouldn’t have brought up the Misha issue. I felt that that was very unfair on Misha, humiliating her and ruining her character on live telly was really childish and unnecessary.

Even though her Sunday dress was AMAZING, I’m not sure if I like Tulisa, she is quite annoying. She speaks slowly like what she is saying is really profound, and she over uses the phrases “No one can deny…” and “To be honest…”. I think she is far too immature to be on this show- she needs to take a lesson from Kelly, who usually avoids the politics and critiques the vocals and performance in her trademark smart & sassy manner.

The performances on Saturday were quite poor in general. Jonny, Frankie, and Sammy were boring and although Janets performance was quite good, in the VT where she was talking to the reporters I felt like punching her face. Kitty didn’t really get a chance to sing properly, which I think was a shame and probably why she was in the bottom two on Sunday. I thought Kitty deserved to stay, but I doubt she will last much longer in the show. I just don’t think her voice is good enough.

I love Kellys big dark doe eyes.

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Xmas wrapping 3

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Xmas wrapping 2

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Xmas wrapping

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