KENNA 02/08/14

My ace friends Ken and Jenna got married last week, and asked me to illustrate their table plan and table signs. Their theme was spliced names as they are known as Kenna so I had a lot of fun drawing Brangelina, TomKat and a few others, as well as the lettering for their table plan.

Congratulations Kenna!

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Great British Bake-off for Waitrose Magazine

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Woody Allen

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Damian Lewis, congrat’s on the Golden Globe!

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Art and Science are brilliant.

Went to the British Museum, and was there for about 2 hours and managed to see tonnes of ace stuff but barely scratched the surface of what’s there. This is a drawing of a stone engraving of a protection spirit from Nimrud, 865-860BC. It boggles my puny mind thinking about how old it is.

Then we went to the Huntarian Museum, where among other gruesome, but incredibly interesting science stuff there was a hen that had a human tooth grafted onto it’s head.

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The Archers

Darrell, Joyce & Arthur, Lillian.

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Freshers & Cities for The List Magazine

Glasgow top, Edinburgh bottom.

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A reflection of perfection

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He’s lost control!

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