In the best possible taste.

My recipe cards had a fleeting appearance on telly the other night thanks to Grayson Perry. He was at a ‘Jamie At Home’ party chatting to women about the middle classes for his show In The Best Possible Taste and one of the items shown was my wonderful recipe cards…Huzzah!

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Yummer salads for summer!

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Jamie Oliver At Home recipe cards

“Calling all budding chefs! Feel like making something good to eat? With this set of five easy-to-clean recipe boards, you’ve got five yummy dishes to choose from, and best of all you can make them yourself. Each board gives you a list of ingredients and four simple steps for making them into something tasty for your favourite friends and family. Make these delicious dishes to share at a picnic or eat them at home: sticky chicken pockets, mean green foccacia, hidden jewel summer salad, fruit double dippers and fro-yo lollipops. They come with a new Kitchen Crusaders adventure, illustrated by Claire Murray, all about the gang getting ready for the best picnic of the year.”

Available to buy HERE

Example of original artwork.

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Deck the halls with Dusty & Trev’s xmas cookie recipe!

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Turn that frown upside down,Take 2

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Smile! It’s cake!

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Dusty & Trev’s ‘Brrrrr!’ bananas!

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Dusty and Trev boil an egg!

My submission to ‘They Draw and Cook’, featuring my favourite elephant Dusty, and her rude dude pal, Trev.

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Parsley Pesto by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall parsley pesto recipe

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Good morning muffins!

Good morning muffins pioneer woman claire murray

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