Aiden ‘zzzzzzzzz’ Grimshaw

Did you notice that they went to a Premier this week? It was a real ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ moment.

Please can everyone vote Aiden out please he is so boring and he keeps pulling stupid faces. I am also fed up of Marys bellowing, I also feel like telling her to stop going on about her daughter all the time- am I the only one that thinks it’s weird that Mary calls her 3 times a day?

Loved Cher, Wagner and Matt. Paije was alright too but I have a bad feeling that he might be going tonight…unless he is against Katie who I really think has stretched her luck as far as it will go.

One last thing- was Dannii wasted last night? I think she may have hit the sherry a bit early.

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Katie Waissel

What a weird show it was last night; sink or swim for a lot of the contestants. Mary totally tanked, but I doubt she will be in the bottom two as I think that older women will vote for her out of solidarity. Other sinkers in my opinion were Aiden (still boring) and Wagner (it’s getting too late in the game to tolerate Louis token ‘wacky’ entry for much longer).

Matt deserved his standing ovation- what a great performance. He is managing his image well too, you know he is hungry to win but he is also very humble and grateful. I like that. What makes me cringe every time he is on telly, is that thing he does when he presses his hands together like he is praying and points them towards his mouth or whoever is talking at him. Oohh..That makes me rage!

Katie was so dull and flat. ‘Don’t Speak’ was a really was a terrible song choice for her she just couldn’t make the pain and hurt in the lyrics translate through the song. I am really fed up giving her the benefit of the doubt when she just throws it back in my face. She doesn’t deserve to go before Wagner, Mary, TrayC or Aiden… But if she does go, I won’t bat an eyelid.

Louis called Paije ‘A little Lenny Henry’, and refused to pronounce Wagners name correctly, despite a direct request from Wagner to do so. I don’t know what goes through Louis brain, but I am guessing it’s not much.

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Au revoir Belle Amie!! Boring, lame, and the blonde one looked like a bossy cow. Girl bands never do well, I think female voters find it hard to warm to girl groups and this group didn’t make it easy. Their arguments in Live Show 2 exposed the blonde as a “non-team player” (read: bitch), and the red head acted like an over keen labrador. The other two looked quite professional but in a cold way.

Katie, Katie, Katie…what was with the stupid eye makeup? As I said before, if you can’t see a contestants eyes NO ONE WILL VOTE for you, and her eyes were awful- it was hard to look at her face. I am beginning to feel a bit sorry for Katie, she is obviously an idiot, but I really enjoyed her performance last week and she is a lot more interesting than Aiden (I hate him) and more talented than Wagner. Cher was a revelation, and I think I want her to win now although I don’t think anyone will beat One Direction; they could sing a Tesco receipt and the girls will vote for them!

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John Adeleye

Firstly- what is with all the red hair? Has L’Oreal done some sort of deal with Cheryl to sell hair dye? At my last count Cheryl, Cher, Rebecca, TrayC, Storm and the clueless one from Belle Amie all have red hair, and (apart from Storm) it is all the same burgundy/red wine colour It wouldn’t surprise me if L’Oreal had a hand in this seeing as they sponsor the ‘behind the scenes’ beauty segments.

I can’t really be bothered with John so I am glad he left, he completely failed to show any personality or emotions apart from despondency and desperation. Saying that, TrayC isn’t grabbing me either, she made a big mistake having her hair over one eye during her Sat night performance. It’s hard to connect with a contestant if you can’t see their face properly- did no one learn from the whole Nicolo/Sunglasses fiasco?

Cher was ok this week, I am getting fed up with her ‘Mash ups’ and annoyed at the judges praising her creativity and risk taking, like she personally came up with the Mash ups. Which she didn’t. The same for Matt Cardle, newsflash- he didn’t come up with that arrangement of ‘Hit me baby…’ TRAVIS did. About a hundred years ago. Idiots.

I liked Katie’s choice of song and styling, Paije was good too but all the rest were dull. For guilty pleasures week I wanted proper cheesy stuff performed with a knowing gusto, but the song choices were a total snooze fest.

Next week I hope Belle Amie (The blonde looks like a total b*tch, and the red head is so clueless) or Aiden (zzzzzzz…) go, but I think it will probably be TrayC or Rebecca- they are both doing a bad job of connecting with the audience.

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Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho

I was happy with Louis choices: Mary will be great I think as she has such a lovely personality (I had a dream where I was homeless and she let me stay in her spare room); John has a charming smile and demeanour; Storm will just be kickass! (And has the best chin I have ever seen) but I am worried that his new styling with red hair is going to detract from his personality. I was not sad at all to see Wagner go…he really creeped me out.

Dannii and Simons categories- SNORE! Although I would have like to have seen Diva Fever go through, I think they would have been fun!

Cheryl surprised me- she had a really strong category and ended up choosing the 2 girls that completely crumbled under the pressure. Cher should have been told to go home, wait a couple of years until she is a bit more confident and stable, as she is only 16 and I dont think she will be very good in the live show. Katie and her ridiculous parasol should have been told to get lost- her affectations are SO stupid, and I actually think she put more effort into her outfit than her audition, and the place should have been given to TrayC instead.
Overall, something didn’t sit right for me that the 2 white girls messed up their auditions REALLY BADLY and still got through… Just sayin’!

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Cher Lloyd

My main problem with Cher is that she doesn’t know whether she was named after the ‘do-you-believe-in-life-after-love’ Cher. Has she never thought to ask? If I were called Beyonce, Madonna or even The Saturdays I would have found out by the time I was 16 if my Mum was a fan.

Also, even though I liked her audition, she really has to sort out those eyebrows.

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Simon vs Brucie!

Simon vs Bruce Claire Murray illustration

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John and Edward!

Claire Murray Jedward Grimes xfactor lucie jones Rachel Adedeji illustration

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Dermot Dumface and the mimers

Dermot Oleary xfactor claire murray

Oh Dermot. I really enjoyed your presenting work for T4 and BB, you were funny, cheeky and a bit cute. But now you grumph and splutter your way through any contestant interaction, roughly pull and push them onto their marks and generally act like a horrid little man. I know that Stacey isn’t the most eloquent of communicators, but that does not give you the excuse to make fun of, or dismiss her so quickly.

What is up with the all-contestant sing song at the start of the show, pre-recorded much? I want to hear them all off key and failing to harmonise where is the fun in miming?

More annoying than Dermot Dumbface and the mimers, is that the results show is an hour long – an hour – but because most of the hour is taken up with already famous artists that have singles out that week, then the obligatory interview which is basically Dermot shouting ‘we don’t have much time, when’s your album out?’ , there isn’t any time for the actual results.

When it is finally time to get the results, after 55 minutes of padding, they are in a mad rush to get opinions and votes from the judges where Dermot demands ‘I need an answer, I’m sorry I’ll have to hurry you’. Then in quick succession the result is announced, then the best bits, then it’s over. We barely have time to see the tears from the losing contestant. I want tears, I’ve invested 2 hours of my life to this telly show and, damn it, I want to see the grief and sadness in all it’s ugly detail.

And Dermot, please stop saying ‘God Bless’ at the end of the show, I do not care for your wacko religious views.

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Bye Rikki!

Rikki Loney x factor claire murray
He performed like a wilted piece of celery at the back of the fridge, so it’s no wonder Rikki was voted out. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. was a really bad song choice for him, but let’s be honest, Rikki was not winning material…it was written all over his face that he didn’t think he could make it, and guess what- he didn’t.

In fact, this year (so far) selfishly seems to be all about the judges: Death, crying, absences, solo careers, scandals, arguments etc etc…What about the artists?! So far, quite forgettable.

Rachael will have to stand up against Danniis choices if she wants to make it past week 3. Her outfits are not reflecting her great personal style, and song choices are not showcasing her voice or charisma. I liked Rachael pre-liveshows, but Dannii has transformed her into something quite unlikable.

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