Cher Lloyd

My main problem with Cher is that she doesn’t know whether she was named after the ‘do-you-believe-in-life-after-love’ Cher. Has she never thought to ask? If I were called Beyonce, Madonna or even The Saturdays I would have found out by the time I was 16 if my Mum was a fan.

Also, even though I liked her audition, she really has to sort out those eyebrows.

Posted September 23, 2010 Celebrities, TV, Women, X Factor

3 Responses to “Cher Lloyd”

  1. Ella says:

    Yay!! I bloody love it when you draw the X Factor characters. I say characters like they aren’t real. I’m not sure if they are really.
    Please do more though!

  2. rhoda and shelby says:

    i like you

  3. chelsea&d’arcie says:

    these are funny to look at but i feel like would like to puke. Work on it.