One Direction (SCREAM!!!!!!!!!)

I am beginning to grow fond of One Direction, they have embraced the One Piece Tracksuit (Click for amazing pic!) and seem nice enough young men. My only issue is with Liam, who doesn’t seem to fit very well in the boyband mould. I think he only made it for his vocal ability, rather than his charm or stage presence, which I think is why he didn’t get past Bootcamp before. The rest more than make up for it, and I think they will defo be in the final.

I am a bit worried about tonight, I hope that Mary leaves! I will be really annoyed if she doesn’t get the boot. None of the others deserve to go, but I really mega hope Cher doesn’t get the bullet. She is aggressive looking and talks like a simpleton, but I would much rather watch her do the ‘celeb duet’ part of the final than Rebecca or Matt. Imagine her rapping away with the BEP or Alicia Keys!? Wicked, innit!

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13 Responses to “One Direction (SCREAM!!!!!!!!!)”

  1. Marg says:

    this is rubbish!
    they are sso much sexier than that

  2. rhoda and shelby says:

    i think you loook fitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  3. laura says:

    i dont like this, they all look dememted tbh :O

  4. leanne collins says:

    your shit.
    go and get some art lesosns and grow some balls.

  5. liam payne says:

    your shit. when have i ever looked like that i look like a fucking drowned rat.

  6. alicia x says:

    Everyone is being really mean like your rubbish ect ! But at least you tried and its not going to be exact (: most people couldnt do much better xx

  7. xandra says:

    Don’t worry. None of these people can spell (“you’re”). 🙂 Cool drawing.

  8. aoife says:

    aw i love Niall and Zayn their my favorite who is your favorite one of your best have to niall or Zayn

  9. chelsea&d’arcie says:

    You know how you said SCREAM? Im screaming at this moment cause of how actually scary and shit it is. It dosent even look like them. Harry is my fave and he’s so god damn rotten in this. Liam does not have a body, so like, wtf? Louis and zayn, well, look like they’ve been ran over by a truck, then later a train, then after a stampede of gorillephants and Niall, Niall just looks.. like.. a a… lets just say mess to make you feel a little better about this art.
    You my friend, are a failure.
    At this rate, Picasso would come and slap you silly.

  10. chelsea&d’arcie says:

    Oh&for the record ‘alicia x’ MY Cat could do much better than this, and she is no longer with us.

  11. julia says:

    fail its… blaaaa

  12. kate says:

    dont be mean she tryed her best and no it doesnt look like a pro artist did it but she tryed and by the way i like it but niall is alot hotter than the pic but u cant make it egsact

  13. NicoRobin says:

    Ho are you to juge one direction! They are mostely beter than you!!! I think your just jealous and one pièce sucks because it s not one pièce the mangas so go and fuck of!