Pikaland said…

“I don’t quite know what it is exactly, but I find myself keeling over laughing my head off at works by UK illustrators. (In a good way — I’m laughing because they made me laugh!)

My latest find and indulgence is Claire Murray. The fun really starts when you head on over to her website dedicated to her zines entitled The Joy of Hate — an illustrated zine of pet peeves. (Remember to zoom in on the covers. Hilarious.)”

Thanks Pikaland!

Posted March 13, 2010 Exposure!

2 Responses to “I AM GREAT!!”

  1. Maria Filar says:

    I found your blog through pikaland!! I’ll have to agree with them, your work is great!!

  2. Amy@Pikaland says:

    Of course you are! Ace stuff you have there Claire. I’m a big fan!