HRH Ben Duncan

With his Princess Di’ hair and perma-sneer, Ben Duncan is a total toff. What is more unbelievable than his hair is that he claims to be 27. That’s right….Twenty Seven. The only way I could believe he is 27 is if I also found out he had spent his life thus far protecting the polar ice caps from the suns rays, using only his face as a shield.

Posted June 15, 2010 Big Brother, Celebrities, Men, Portrait, TV

2 Responses to “HRH Ben Duncan”

  1. Jackson Johnson says:

    Oh it’s oh so obvious that Benny boy would love Chas ‘N David’s Gertcha…

    Now there’s a word that I don’t understand
    I hear it every day from my old man
    It may be Cockney rhyming slang
    It ain’t in no school book
    He says it every time that he gets mad
    A regular caution is my old dad
    Rub the old man up the wrong way, bet your life you’ll hear him say

    Gertcha, cowson, gertcha

  2. Ben says:

    You’re a fucking shit artist and you know absolutely nothing about Ben Duncan, who happens to be my closest friend. Would love to see a picture of you – I’m sure you’re not a picture of health… Ben looks fabulous. Not sure why pieces of dirt like you must make fun of a genius in the making.