Quack quack quack.

Hey! Duckface! If you’re not bothered, then stop going on about it. Also, even though you did ‘invest 10 years’ of your life to Marks family, you hated them and they hated you. They don’t owe you anything.
Where’s straight talking Gemma when you need her? Someone needs to tell Lauren G to shut up about Mark, and wear the dress size she is, not the dress size she wants to be.
Where is Maria Fowler these days?!

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I want to eat it all!

Cheer up Mary- I would be in heaven with 6 cheesecakes to eat!

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Margaret Sinclair: Mentalist.

Margaret Sinclair and her gross snogging…yuck. She looks like she would be equally as comfortable beheading rabbits with an axe as she was singing on stage. Utterly creepy lady.


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Good luck in Spain Jo!

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Overheard in the pub 2

The best film review ever?

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Jade Richards- she’ll make you cry & then drink your blood.

Kelly sounded stupid when she said “I’ve had that song in my head all day, no joke!” (or whatever she said). Kelly, everyone has that song in their head. It’s a really popular catchy song- it’s on TV shows, on adverts, on the radio, in the gym, in pub toilets….EVERYWHERE! Plus I bet every third auditionee sings an Adele song, so it’s hardly out of the blue that Jade sang one. Stop crying!

I can’t wait to see Jade post-makeover. Everything about her was a bit grotty and gross, hopefully the Sharpie™ eyebrows will get scrubbed off soon. Also, did you read in the papers she thinks she is a vampire? Yuck.

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Overheard at the pub…

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Congratulations Zara & Mike!

Yes, I am on first name terms with them.

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The Apprentice 2011: THE FINAL 5!

My vote to go tonight- Natasha, yeah? She is just a hunch dressed in easy-iron-poly-mix, yeah? And no one called ‘Scribbins’ ever wins anything, yeah?

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The Only Way Is Essex: Smart AND beautiful!

I got a twitter from Samantha (below). Thanks Samantha!

@clairemurray haha that is so so funny! Xx thanks lol! Xx

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